Metal Matrix Composite (Carbides of W/Cr in NiCr-Matrix) coating on stainless steel

  • Composite coating development such as WC reinforced Ni-Cr metal matrix
  • 6 kW fiber-coupled high power diode laser systems integrated with an 8-axis robotic workstation and an off-axis powder feeding subsystem under argon atmosphere were used
  • Distribution of WC particles with effective bonding at particle-matrix interface
  • Defect-free clad coating with retention of high hardness and toughness
  • Reduction in deleterious secondary carbides formation
  • 2 mm thick coating has been developed
  • Clads produced under pulsed-mode of processing showed relatively higher amount of unmelted WC particles in γ-Ni+Ni3B lamellar eutectic matrix (see figure) as compared to continuous-mode of processing
  • Hardness as well as erosion resistance was found to be superior in case of pulsed-clad coating

Microstructure of composite clad