Stellite coating on carbon steel

  • Stellite laser clad layer has been developed both CO2 and diode lasers with co-deposition of Stellite-6 powder on carbon steel Laser clad coatings exhibited refined microstructure comprising of -Co dendrites in inter-dendritic network of carbides of Cr23C6
  • Hardness in laser-clad coating was 550-660 HV
  • Laser clad coating exhibited superior quality over PTA clad coating in terms of improved hardness, reduced porosity and refined microstructure
  • Laser-clad coating exhibited improved abrasive wear resistance with 16% reduction in weight loss as compared to that of PTA clad coating
  • Applications of stellite coatings in industry spanning from valves, moulds to turbine blades

Comparison of microstructures obtained from different coating process