Centre for Nanomaterials (CNM)

The Centre for Nanomaterials was established with a mandate to develop technologies for large-scale production of nanopowders and also to explore their utilization for applications which cater to either a large Indian market or a market unique to India. The Centre has made substantial progress not only in establishing a vast array of synthesis, processing and characterization facilities, but also in application development in the areas of nanosilver for drinking water disinfection and antibacterial textiles, nano-ZnO for electrical varistors, nano-titania for self-cleaning textiles, aerogels for thermal insulation applications, photocatalytic splitting of water for hydrogen generation, Nano-sheets of WS2 for solid lubricant applications, electrospun polymer nano-fibers for high performance filtration applications, oxide dispersion strengthened steels for high temperature applications and Fe-based Cerametallic Friction Material Composites for clutch buttons. Both the nanosilver-based water filter and textile technologies have been successfully transferred to Indian industries and a few are in pipeline.  Recently, the Centre has received financial assistance from Nanomission, DST, for a major project "Thematic Unit of Excellence on Nanomaterials based Technologies for Automotive Applications". While two Centres of ARCI are involved in this project work, the role of Centre for Nanomaterials is mainly to develop large scale synthesis methods to produce nanomaterials for Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles and to develop Al-graphene/CNT composites for light weight and high strength components.