Centre for Technology Acquisition and Transfer (CTAT)


The Centre for Technology Acquisition and Transfer (CTAT) has been set up to catalyze ARCI's effort to make nationally unique advanced materials technologies available to Indian companies. CTAT works towards strengthening of technology value chain by contributing in the following areas:

  • Identifying possible collaborators for all activities ranging from co-development to technology transfer
  • Understanding competing technologies and preparing techno commercial feasibility analysis report
  • Formalizing Agreements and Contracts to effect alliances in science and technology value-chain
  • Identification of start-ups/established companies to commercialize ARCI's technologies through various direct and indirect channels such as participation in industrial exhibitions, business opportunity workshops, and also through web and tele-marketing.
  • Facilitating patent related services such as prior art searches for patent filing, research planning, market research etc and coordinates patent drafting and patent filing activities at ARCI
  • Costing of technologies and projects
  • Coordinating visits of ARCI personnel deputed abroad for project related activities, equipment inspection and training, conferences, meetings etc.
  • Receivables management, monitoring of technology development programmes and performance reporting etc.