Centre for Carbon Materials (CCM)

Centre for Carbon Materials (CCM)

Carbon due to its extraordinary properties, is of great importance to the scientists as well technologists. Its unique characteristics makes it a versatile material for many applications, ranging from household utilities to major industries such as high tech aerospace, defence, nuclear energy and new energy source programmes. Allotropic form of carbon such as Carbon Nanotubes having a cylindrical nanostructure has a gained a lot of attention during the recent times due to its unique combination of sstrength, stiffness and tenacity. They also exhibit very excellent thermal and electrical conductivity in comparison to other conductive materials. There are various techniques to produce Carbon Nanotubes such as Arc discharge of Graphite, Laser ablation of Graphite, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Flame synthesis etc.

At the Center for Carbon Materials (CCM), mainly two methods for synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes namely Arc discharge of graphite & CVD are being used for various potential applications such as a) High performance advanced composites with CNT as reinforcement in different matrices like polymer, metal, ceramic, carbon etc. b) Field emitters c) Nanofluids for heat dissipation applications d) Batteries , Super Capacitors and Solar Cells e) Adsorption of Hydrogen and other gases f) EMI shielding applications

The key steps involved before using carbon nanotubes for any of the applications are synthesis, purification, functionalization and their dispersion.