Technical Information Centre

Technical Information Centre (TIC) is an invaluable source of information for Scientists, Research Scholars and Student community of ARCI. It plays a vital role in acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge in the thrust areas of ARCI. It has a specialized collection in the core areas of ARCI such as Engineered Coatings, Ceramics, Nanomaterials, Laser Processing of Materials, Alternate energy and Automotive energy materials. It has a fair collection of both print and online resources including books, journals, standards, conference proceedings, etc. It subscribes to over 50 print journals published across the globe. It has access to over 3000 e-journals from several international publishers. TIC is fully automated using an in- house developed library management software. Its online public access catalogue (OPAC) is amenable to search on the Centre's Local Area Network (LAN). TIC's membership is open to all ARCI staff as well as Research Fellows and Project Fellows of ARCI.

TIC offers the following services to its users which in turn, help them in their ongoing R&D programs:

  • Literature Search and Analysis Service
  • Plagiarism Checking Service
  • Inter Library Loan Service