Centre for Advanced Ceramic Materials (CACM)

Centre for Advanced Ceramic Materials  (CACM)

In the field of materials, advanced ceramics based on oxides, non-oxides, glass- ceramics (GCs), composites and high-performance coatings are well-known for meeting technological challenges foreseen in the past decades owing to their extraordinary inherent properties. The Centre for Advanced Ceramic Materials (CACM) at ARCI is actively pursuing research and technology development activities in several cutting-edge areas of advanced ceramics and glass-ceramics (GCs). The centre has gained significant expertise and is equipped with state-of-the- art facilities in advanced processing methods such as chemical vapour deposition (CVD), hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing, slip casting, cold isostatic pressing, extrusion, gel casting and pressure-assisted slip casting.

The centre is actively pursuing projects based on both oxide and non-oxide ceramic and glass and successfully developed various innovative processing methods, products and technologies. The centre has gained sufficient expertise on oxide ceramics through development of complex shaped transparent ceramic products, anti-mine boot inserts, porous zirconia sleeves, MgO ceramics with graded porosity, Porous alumina rods, ceramic honeycomb components, Na-beta alumina electrolytes, alumina grinding balls, alumina spools, zircon nozzles, larger capacity alumina crucibles, channelized ceramic holders, etc. Further, the centre has also developed various non oxide ceramic based technologies such as reaction-bonded and pressureless sintered silicon carbide for mechanical seals, wear-resistant parts, and large-size and lightweight structural components. This centre has also developed chemical vapour deposited (CVD) SiC coating for reflective optics because of its low coefficient of thermal expansion and highly smooth surface achieved upon polishing.

Currently, the primary programme of the centre spans over (a) the development of low-expansion glass ceramics (LEGC), (b) establishment of pilot scale facility and development of indigenous 10 kW capacity solid-oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and Solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOEC) (c) transparent ceramics of various wavelength (d) cellular ceramics and (e) ceramic matrix composites (CMCs). Further, the centre's ongoing R&D activities include the development of ready-to-press (RTP) ceramic powders, near-net shape processing of dense and porous ceramics by colloidal techniques, extrusion-based 3D printing of ceramics, GC-based high-temperature sealants, metal supported SOFC, etc. The centre has completed several projects funded by government and private agencies and accomplished the project's objectives upon delivery of specific products, commercially viable technologies, services and technical solutions.

Major objectives of the Centre are as follows-

  • Innovative Processing Techniques for Technology Development
  • Material Synthesis and Fabrication
  • Prototype Development
  • Characterization and Testing
  • Technology Transfer