Centre for Ceramic Processing (CCP)

The Centre for Ceramic Processing with its mandate to develop novel ceramic materials and innovative processing technologies has succeeded in developing a variety of products and technologies. The Center's activities spans over a wide range viz., (a) processing of engineering ceramics such as transparent ceramics, cellular ceramics, Refractories (b) synthesis of nano powder and (c) development and demonstration of solid oxide fuel cells. In the area of ceramic forming, besides conventional processing such as slip casting and compaction processing, the centre has gained significant expertise in advanced defect free processing such as chemical vapour deposition (CVD), Isostatic pressing, extrusion, gel casting and pressure assisted slip casting using polymer molds. The Centre has also successfully completed several product oriented sponsored projects from government and private agencies followed by the fabrication of prototypes demonstrating the techno-commercial viability of technologies developed. Major objectives of the Centre are as follows -

  • Innovative Processing Techniques for Technology Development
  • Material Synthesis and Fabrication
  • Prototype Development
  • Characterization and Testing
  • Technology Transfer