Administration and Personnel

The Administration Department plays a vital role in general administration of ARCI  and cater its services for the fulfillment of the Mandate of the Centre. The  Administration Department is the Custodian of the records of the Centre.  This Department takes care of the General Administration of the Centre and advise the Director in taking decisions on policy matters and assist him in overall functioning of the Centre.  It is also responsible for the maintenance, upkeep and security of the premises and the property of the Centre.

The Administration Department handles the Human Resources activities involving Recruitment of talented workforce, maintenance of ACRs,  Assessment and promotion of the eligible employees on yearly basis, pay fixation,  takes care of their training and development needs etc. Further, ARCI engages RA/SAF/JAF/PGTP/GTPs regularly to associate with various on-going projects.  In order to encourage the departmental candidates who acquire higher qualifications after joining the Centre, Limited Departmental Competetive Examination are conducted for promotion to next higher  cadre. Engagement of services of distinguished scientists retired from other Government organizations as Consultants for monitoring the time bound sponsored programmes. Other technical and administrative staff  are also being hired through Manpower Consultants to support the various Centers of Excellence for smooth functioning of their activities.

Another important activity being handled by Administration is to maintain the Personnel Information  System pertaining to all regular employees right from their entry into the service till the retirement/resignation  recording each event in the computerized system  with their qualifications, experience etc.  and  to get various reports on manpower. Apart from the above, service books and personal files of the employees are maintained simultaneously on manual basis also to satisfy the audit requirements.  Establishment matters like Leave, LTC, Children Education Allowance, Medical and other claims have also been computerized for fast processing and early settlement.

With regard to welfare of employees, we are maintaining Canteen, MI Room,  conducting Annual Medical Checkup  for employees, providing Coverage under Group Insurance Scheme and Janata Accidental insurance Policy etc.  Apart from the above, advances for HBA, Purchase of Motor Cycle/Scooter and Computer are provided to employees.

The Administration Department is also responsible for implementation of the Official Language Policy and accordingly, OLIC quarterly meetings and workshops are being conducted regularly and ARCI has exceeded the targets set for it in the implementation of official language Hindi.

Other major activities being handled by Administration Department includes RTI matters, Disciplinary and Vigilance cases, Legal cases, supervision, control and monitoring of Motor Transport Section, processing of terminal benefits like Gratuity, Leave Encashment and other statutory claims in respect of the retired employees, Replies to Rajya Sabha/Lok Sabha starred questions, information to be submitted to the Administrative Ministry, filing of online returns on RTI and Vigilance matters etc.