Electronics & Instrumentation

The Electronics and Instrumentation group attends to the following activities:-

  • Identify and procure test and measuring equipment, components and tools typically necessary for carrying out servicing of all types of electronic equipment available at ARCI. It also renders advice to other sections for procurement of spares and accessories.
  • Development of computerized interface systems using Lab VIEW software to control, acquire, log and analyze data from different equipment and processes.
  • Development of attachments to existing equipment to upgrade their capabilities
  • Development of various microcontroller based embedded systems.
  • Assisting the Research & Development Centre for the pre-installation and commissioning of sophisticated multi-disciplinary equipment which use vacuum systems, CNC drives, Pneumatic controls, cooling systems, heating systems etc.
  • In-house servicing of major imported equipment installed at various Research & Development Centreat ARCI
  • Render assistance to entrepreneurs who have received technologies and associated equipment developed at ARCI.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the communication systems i.e. Telephone EPABX system, programming of facilities, telephone cabling, etc for ARCI Providing support for dedicated intercommunication systems within the premises as well as for external use.
  • Service support for regular maintenance of UPS system, batteries, etc
  • Providing full term [one year] training to Fresh Engineering graduates and short term summer camp training to under-graduate and diploma students.