Official Language Implementation

ARCI complies with the provisions of official Language Act 1963 and Official Language Rules 1976. With the objective of enhancing the correspondence in Hindi and to promote the usage of official Language in the day-to-day-work, Hindi Workshops are being conducted regularly, i.e.,  once in every quarter. Addressing the inhibitions of using official language among employees is one of the main objectives of the Hindi workshops.

ARCI has been imparting training in Hindi to its employees through the Hindi Teaching Scheme of the  Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Officials who have benefitted from the Scheme are encouraged to use Hindi in their workplace. .

All the documents under section 3(3) of the Official Language Act are invariably issued in bilingual form. All the letters received in Hindi are replied to in Hindi only as per Official Language rule No.5.

As prescribed in the Official Language policy, ARCI is conducting Scientific and Technical Programmes in Hindi and Hindi books are purchased as a part of the programme.

ARCI celebrates Hindi Day/Hindi Week every year. As part of these programmes,  various seminars,  competitions are arranged and prizes are distributed to the winners.